The best place for YOU to learn to fly a Hang Glider in the UK will be dictated by where you live and your circumstances.

withIn the UK

For learning to fly, schools are shown in blue on the map. In the SE Region (see map to the right), you are well serviced by Airsports Sussex and Green dragons. In East Anglia, Cambridge Aerotow Club are not a commercial school but have recently begun to offer training in a club environment. In the midlands area Derbyshire Flying Centre teaches at locations in the Peak District and further North is Northumbria Airsports . These are all long established commercial hang gliding schools that operate all year around and to BHPA standards (the UK governing body for free flight).

If you would like a tandem experience then these centres are shown red on the map. In the South West, Cloud 9 and Fly Like a Bird and in the South East, Airsports Sussex do tandem experiences as well as tuition.


There is the alternative of getting your training outside the UK. This may sound exotic/expensive, but when you consider the cost of long UK commutes (if you are not near a training location) and the variability of the UK weather (especially in the UK winter!) then this can be a surprisingly cost effective route and a holiday to boot.

There are many HG schools around the world. Shown on the map (click for more details) are some that we know will train UK pilots (and in the case of Lejair teach to the BHPA syllabus). If you run a school that is not listed here then please contact us.